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Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology

Minimum qualification - MBBS, BDS, MD

Duration - 90 hours

Course Contains -

With the evolution of clinical cosmetology, the world of clinical cosmetology is advancing greatly. Side by side, the growing interest among the patients and the medical professionals have further widened its job scope. To become expert in a wide range of cosmetology treatments, our courses are designed on the basis of distinguished curricula. 

Content of this course includes the following:

  • Structure and function of skin and hair
  • Introduction to the world of aesthetic medicine
  • Chemical peel (Superficial, medium, deep)
  • Laser tattoo removal
  • Laser hair reduction
  • Laser pigment reduction
  • Photo rejuvenation
  • RF Techniques
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Derma roller
  • Meso dermal treatments for scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, and wrinkle reduction