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Why Spa Treatments have Become Popular in Men?

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Since time immemorial, women were believed to reap the benefits from body massages, reflexology, spa and other beauty treatments, but there has been a changing fashion trend observed particularly in fashionable men from the past decade. Chic men like to look neat and refined and are extremely fashion conscious. They love to pamper themselves with age defying treatments and spa treatments to heal all their stress and body pain. They are also becoming fond of manicure and facials, which gives them a smoother skin.

Many experts believe, that men now-a-days are opting for various spa treatments in order to get relief from the work related stresses and pressures. They pamper in body massages to heal their body pain and have a soothing experience. Some men simply, love the aroma of the various beauty products or cosmetics.

Male Beauty Treatments: How it differs from women?

Men are more chilled out than their female counterparts. Therefore, many spas and salons these days are trying to create a very relaxed ambiance for the stylish men. The spas offer nice chilling alcohol and television sets for men. They can enjoy them while having the various spa treatments.

Which beauty therapies men like to opt for?

It is believed that men are particularly fond of body massages and aromatherapy treatments, but they also love to go for facials and pedicure treatments as well. Some men love to wax their body, to eliminate surplus and unwanted hair. While some love to exfoliate their entire body, and not just their face through various facial treatments.

Men also opt for shaving treatments that not only offer them a good shave, but also facial skin treatments like curing razor burns and other skin problems related to regular shaving.

What’s the prospect of beauty therapies for men?

In this cut throat competitive world looking neat and polished can give any individual the cutting edge and not looking good will simply make them lag behind the others. So looking good and polished is very much the need of the hour. This is pertinent to both men and women.

According to a survey conducted by the International Spa Association, approximately 47 percent of the spa clients include men. Apparently, experts believe that this trend will continue in the future as well.

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