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Tips To Become A Successful Makeup Artist

Admin, Jul 25 2017 3 comments

If your acumen lies in going out of the conventional way and make people look gorgeous, then a career as a makeup artist is up for grabs for you. It is a fun career option for you , as you will get the opportunity to evolve and experiment constantly. The glamour and fashion industry is a dynamic one and the clients are always eager to try out new looks with correct application of makeup like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, kohl, face powder, concealer, foundation, primer etc. Professional makeup artists mainly work as a freelancer or get engaged for well known film stars and celebrities. But the truth is that many of us aspire to become a makeup artist, but very of us achieve success in this profession. Today I will discuss with you some precious and beneficial tips to become a successful makeup artist. Keep on reading the blog.

Get the Practical Training

Getting proper practical training is extremely important in any professional course. When you have enrolled in a reputed beauty school for undertaking makeup artistry school, proper exposure to practical training will hone your skills. It will prepare and make you all geared up to take up the challenge and excel in this profession. Practical training will make you get acquainted with the shapes and colors of skin, hair and face. You will also learn to use different types of brushes for the eyes and cheeks, which will facilitate you to give the clients different looks.

You should be open to criticisms. Ask your friends and relatives about what they feel about your work. Are they satisfied? It will help you to improve.

Create Portfolios

The next step is creating portfolios. This will help you to get you the much needed attention of the people.

If you really want people to talk about your work, then you need to create 2 portfolios- one for print and the other one is for online. For online portfolios you need to buy your own domain name and bring into play WordPress to post the photos that you have created to showcase your creativity. You can rent a professional photographer to take photos of your work. Only, good quality picture should be posted online as it will give you the necessary mileage.

Create portfolios on clean, editorial, experimental and beauty makeup. Avoid bridal makeup in your assortment. In case, if you want to follow a career in bridal makeup artistry, then have a separate collection done of your bridal work.

Publicize Yourself:

The next step, perhaps the most vital one is to get extensive publicity. After gaining knowledge and doing all the hard work, its time to reap the benefits. Professional makeup artists get their business cards done to garner maximum publicity. While making your business card, make it extremely professionally. It should consist your name, email id, mobile number and link to the portfolios you have created online.

Then you should be familiar with all the event planners and coordinators. Advertise your work to them by dressing professionally and doing a great makeup.

This will help you to get more work as a makeup artist in fashion and ramp shows, weddings, social gatherings and other high profile events.

Distribute your business cards to schools, colleges, makeup retailers, local event planners, cosmetic companies, movie stars, etc. It will build up your status in no time. It is a time consuming process, but slowly and steadily you will be able to catapult yourself to fame and prominence.


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